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Soil Bioengineering

landscape environmental bioengineering
environmental bioengineering of roads
environmental bioengineering of rivers
environmental bioengineering of ponds

Soil bioengineering is based on the practical merging of knowledge from the science of biology and engineering itself, and the diverse use of living plants as well as the materials derived from them, while making the most of topography, soil and microclimate in each case.

We refer to soil bioengineering applied to landscape in particular because we aim to implement all soil bioengineering techniques applied to the environment, which have a structural and landscape purpose in the environment. With regards to the materials used, bioengineering can be naturalistic (a set of techniques that use living and raw materials such as logs, stones, soil…) or may use biophysical engineering (a set of techniques that use living materials as well as made products such as blankets, geonets, geosynthetics, etc.).

When these techniques are in use, the living beings responsible for the work are plants; therefore, while achieving structural goals we can also bring about positive environmental change.

The main rule is that we always work with native species to solve problems and improve good ecological status of the spaces in which we act.

With regards to soil and water bioengineering techniques applied to rivers to improve the quality of water, we work with hydrophytes or macrophytes to provide a suitable habitat for the bacteria in charge of the decomposition of organic matter.