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Areas of work:

  • Treatment, protection and stabilisation of slopes

Slopes are a natural geological structure due to relief. Mankind, in their activity of transforming the landscape, have created many slopes. In many cases, due to their characteristics and location, they are left as the result of the transformation of the environment, but in most of them intervention is necessary. There are basically three types of interventions: revegetation itself, protection of superficial soil to prevent drainage, and structural stabilisation.

Stabilisation of slopes through vegetation is one of the specialities of Naturalea. We make a diagnosis, give you a quote and carry out the project with specific systems by applying soil bioengineering techniques such as lattice, trellises, sowing, hydrosowing, hydro blankets, branch beds, faggots, nets, organic blankets… which we adapt to each particular case. Also, as is typical of soil bioengineering techniques applied to landscape, we aim to work with the most accessible material, and adjust to each case.