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River areas

Areas of work:

  • Management and restoration of river areas

  • Management of erosion and sediment transport

  • Consolidation of river banks and slopes

  • Integration of works in river areas (collectors, irrigation channels, dips, bridges…)

  • Creation of pedestrian ways

The management of rivers aims to achieve their good ecological status, and involves restoration and conservation actions when the river has experienced alterations or is likely to experience them. We understand a river not only as water but as all biotic (vegetation, wildlife…) and abiotic elements (soil, geology…) characterising it.

The layout and territory of rivers have been intensively modified in recent years. However, rivers are a natural heritage of humanity that should be preserved and protected. On the other hand, rivers are highly dynamic environments in which any changes in their area involve significant investments. Therefore, restoring or at least improving or naturalising our rivers and streams should prevail so that they gain their value back.

The major goals in the restoration of rivers is the recovery of their area, which is taken over by the river itself when there are major floods. It is equally important to manage the river with a global view of the river basin. A second goal is to recover the river environment, and for this reason it is necessary to look for solutions that allow the maintenance of margins, guarantee their safety if need be, and improve the quality of the water as well as their natural heritage. These solutions, alone or in combination with construction techniques used until now, allow us to solve problems in rivers without losing their essence, because a river is not only water, but is, above all, life itself.