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canalització d'obres publiques mediambientals
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bioenginyeria mediambiental de rius

Rehabilitation of roads, paths and trails

Areas of work:

  • Restoration and rehabilitation of roads, paths and trails

Paths and trails are the point of entry and movement in natural and rural areas. The network of trails, with their design and construction aspects, are part of our heritage with a legal basis stipulating their interest and public use. Historically, these paths played a very important part in local microeconomics and, therefore, were continuously maintained and restored. Many of them disappeared when there was no longer an economic interest in them.
Naturalea performs a series of actions, totally integrated into the environment, to retrace a single path, allowing users to enjoy a pleasant and intuitive walk. We take care of the connection between path and water, with drains and channels. We carry out construction plans with specific techniques for each path and section, with modern, durable materials, and with typical techniques, which we have often improved upon, so that a high-quality finish is maintained. We have experience in dry stone, wood, cobblestone floors, steps built into the ground or rocky outcrops, living wood frames, sluice gates and drains, removal of shortcuts, revegetation of recovered sections, and other specialties. Paths and trails are increasingly valued and they are often used more frequently.