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Leisure and non-urban spaces

Areas of work:

  • Restoration and management of leisure spaces, bridges, footpaths and footbridges, urban gardens, etc.

Bridges, footpaths and footbridges

Work in river environments on the one hand, and in mountain environments on the other, led to the need to build bridges, pathways and footbridges. Bridges with railings are the most important structures, some of which have been built hanging, others in wood or using mixed techniques. Footpaths are generally made of wood and are used to overcome small slopes such as the passage of a stream or a drain. Footbridges are footpaths in river areas secured with a steel cable or chain to one of the margins. While floods may wash them away, they can be refitted.

Urban gardens

Leisure gardens are an increasingly common practice, both as a means of recreation and a supplement for low-income families. These gardens are often found in peri-urban areas. A vegetable garden can equate to a very dynamic garden because it changes every season and can be a high-quality landscape, but is often a degraded area with clusters of waste materials. On the other hand these gardens are often located in unsuitable or dangerous areas, such as riverbeds, and relocation is necessary. Elements that will make their future management easier include efficient irrigation, shed management, services with integrated purification systems, capitalising on the vital role they play in the landscape, along with suitable organisational models.