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Dry stone walling constructions

Areas of work:

  • Dry stone projects and works

The construction of vineyard sheds and walls using dry stone techniques has a long-established tradition, and are commonly used in the rural world. In the last half of the 20th century, however, dry stone techniques ceased to be used to the point that it has become an extraordinary activity. The main reason for the decline in dry stone work is, in addition to the costs, the belief that concrete and cement renders better results in terms of strength and resistance. Dry stone walls are building systems with properties of great interest that make them irreplaceable with any other technique. Advantages of dry stone walling with respect to other similar techniques include permeability, plasticity and its environmental role.

In fact, dry stone, as well as being a good construction resource for the consolidation of margins and paths, is a heritage structure linked to the Mediterranean world. At Naturalea, we have trained professionals in the art of dry stone. A dry-stone wall is not a pile of rocks: it is necessary to prepare the stone to fit the location, present it, and create a filtering lining. Only in this way will the wall last over time. Walls, vineyard sheds, lime kilns and ice wells have all been recovered thanks to our work.