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Degraded land

Areas of work:

  • Environmental and ecological restoration of degraded areas

  • Landscape integration for extractive activities and landfills

Many areas have temporarily or permanently experienced an inappropriate use, which has led to environmental degradation and needs to be addressed. Some of these natural areas may incorporate elements such as fountains, ponds, farmhouses, vineyard sheds, peaks, viewpoints, etc., which become a symbol of a natural or rural area. People generally visit an area for its environmental quality, but they talk about going to a particular fountain or viewpoint. Leisure in natural environments is based on a bait area, so its conservation must be guaranteed.

Arranging these areas to reconcile their social use with landscape quality, taking care of their finer details to integrate them into the area with minimum maintenance, promoting the recovery of herbaceous plants, and improving the forest and shrub structure are all activities carried out by Naturalea.