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canalització d'obres publiques mediambientals
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Consulting and advice

topology and environmental advice
topology and environmental advice
topology and environmental advice
topology and environmental advice

Our expertise and experience in landscape restoration allows us to make innovative contributions to our projects, since we are very familiar with the techniques and the development details. For this reason, we collaborate with many consulting agencies and professionals, and we also write construction plans with all the details for a practical intervention.

Elaboration of executive projects for the improvement and restoration of natural spaces.

Restoration and conservation requires more and more expertise. We specialise in improving systems to offer better guarantees, and our professionals have practical knowledge of all available techniques.

At NATURALEA, we offer the design of projects for landscape restoration, plan interventions for environmental recovery and conservation which are aligned with a holistic vision, and often redress only certain impacts to help accelerate the natural processes themselves.

Our usual areas of work include, among others, restoration of river areas, creation of wetlands, construction of natural purification systems, revegetation of ponds and lagoons, restoration of paths and trails, and environmental restoration of degraded land.

Planning actions on paths, river arrangements, etc., often means solving and describing many micro-interventions. Their access is often difficult, and defining what to do, how to do it, how to transport the materials or how to use the current environment are equally important actions. For this reason, Naturalea brings you closer to reality and our projects are always viable.

Our reports can solve complex problems when dealing with remote areas containing sensitive spaces, or any other cases relating to sensitive areas.

We specialise in the design and implementation of soil and water bioengineering techniques for restoration, and more specifically, traditional naturalistic engineering techniques (Krainer living walls or other types, living braided and lattice structures, faggots, etc.), biophysical engineering techniques (structured grassland, vegetated bio rolls, organic blankets, etc.), and plant-based structural engineering (green walls, flexible vegetable gabions, etc.).

Advice on planning your project’s soil and water bioengineering techniques

Soil bioengineering applied to landscape offers more and more possibilities, and new techniques and applications are continually being created. By selecting the most appropriate systems, we can optimise solutions technically, environmentally and economically.

At NATURALEA, for the drafting of projects, we offer services in collaboration with engineering agencies, environmental consultants, and architecture and landscape firms, while we take care of planning the necessary soil and water bioengineering techniques where needed.

A multidisciplinary team formed of engineers, botanists and environmentalists determines the most appropriate techniques, the most suitable species, their proper establishment, integration and validation, based on each case.

Naturalea specialises in the development of projects affecting river areas and in the definition of corrective measures for improved landscape integration.

We offer our support when drafting projects, specialising in the soil and water bioengineering techniques in the following areas:

  • Restoration and conservation of river areas.
  • River bank stabilisation.
  • Restoration and improvement of wetlands.
  • Projects for the construction of naturalised lakes.
  • Revegetation of built ponds.
  • Treatment and stabilisation of slopes.
  • Environmental and ecological restoration of degraded land.
  • Integration of works in river areas: sewage treatment and collection, irrigation channels, dips, bridges, etc.
  • Landscape integration of roads and railway infrastructures.
  • Landscape integration for extractive activities and landfills.

We draft the specific technical proposal and all the supplementary documentation: specific annexes, justification calculations, plans, technical specifications, health and safety studies and budget.