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About us

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Naturalea is a company specialising in the restoration of landscape and a pioneer in the design and the implementation of soil bioengineering techniques in Spain; both traditional naturalistic engineering and biophysical, plant-based structural engineering. Naturalea boasts twenty five years’ experience in the field, during which more than 1000 projects have been developed.

We specialise in the implementation of landscape restoration systems, offering advice on the design in a project, and drafting executive projects prioritizing the application of soil bioengineering techniques.

Our usual areas of work include, among others, restoration of river areas, creation of wetlands, construction of natural purification systems, revegetation of ponds and lagoons, treatment of slopes, environmental restoration of degraded land, and restoration of paths and trails.

Our raison d’être is to work professionally to achieve good ecological status of the natural environment, which we understand as all undeveloped areas.

The consequences of poor land management have very important environmental, social and economic costs. The saturation of swamps, the need to keep drains in good condition, the effects of algae vegetation in rivers forming blocks during floods, the loss of heritage… Many situations show that failing to manage non-urban spaces properly can be very expensive. Past and present land degradation, greater mobility and the maximisation of spaces demand that we intervene to restore and conserve the natural environment.

Our intervention must be integrated and must not cause progressive debt in a society faced with the need to continuously invest large sums to maintain these interventions. Often, it is only necessary to redress some impacts and accelerate the natural processes of restoration.

Restoration is no longer just about planting, sowing or building a dry-stone wall. Conservation work increasingly involves specialisation, which must be based on the knowledge and improvement of techniques to give more assurance and achieve better integration.

In terms of performance, both our technicians and our field staff have wide experience in the implementation of all available techniques.

Our services in consulting and the drafting of executive projects are carried out by a team made up of engineers, botanists and environmentalists, who determine in each case the most appropriate techniques, the most suitable species, their correct establishment and integration in the project, and their validation.

At Naturalea, our aim is to defend and revitalise our environment so that future generations cannot only continue to enjoy it but can also enjoy a more inviting landscape.

The essential rule is to work with, and for, nature.