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Guide for the design and construction of cribwalls

In recent years, we have verified the existence of cribwalls works that omit basic aspects for the success of these structures. The lack of preparation of the staff that designs and executes makes serious mistakes such as the foundation, the maximum permissible height, the structure and the role of the plant. Some of them have collapsed compromising the credibility of the technique.

This document provides a clear guideline to have better knowledge in the design and construction of new Nature-Based Solutions (NBS). Naturalea has written this document in the OPERANDUM project framework to create a base for the use of cribwalls, a soil bioengineering technique which represent a useful alternative to face hydrometeorological hazards instead of classical solutions.

In the case of construction, we recommend practical training in specific courses such as those organized from the European Federation of Soil Bioengineering EFIB.